Aleksander Antoszek

Student, artist, writer & tutor

I'm Aleksander (Alex, Alek, Olek), a student based in Kraków, Poland. I am the creator of Produktywny Uczeń, the first website for productive students in Polish. Currently working on the English version.

I'm always eager to meet & chat with interesting people. If you're ever in Poland, let me know. Or let's connect virtually.


The Productive Student

Is my biggest project yet. It's a community full of useful resources for students of all ages who want to learn in a more mindful and effective way. The Polish version currently consists of a fortnightly podcast, weekly newsletter & semi-regular workshops in Poland. The English version is still a work in progress, but I'm planning to host webinars & write articles there. Hoping to launch it by June 2020.


Is how I work with individuals to help them achieve their best results in school & college. We meet for 60-minute sessions where I provide you with top productivity & focus training and help you understand and develop your strengths. Think of this as tutoring + counseling + productivity training. Click here to learn more.

Other stuff

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I'm always looking for more opportunities, I am a fast learner & can adapt to new environments easily. Please contact me if you're interested in the things I do.

About me

Who are you?

I was born in Kraków, the second biggest city in Poland on a rainy Tuesday in June. I've lived there ever since.

I think that there are really three words that describe me well: curiosity, quality, and honesty.
These are the values I care about the most in work. I'm a naturally curious person, I read ~40 books a year, listen to many, many podcasts and just love learning new things preferably through experimentation. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, in that I really am only truly satisfied with something when it's completely finished. Also, I think that dishonesty destroys work immediately. Even when things are not as nice as they're supposed to be, everyone needs to know what's actually going on.

What do you want to do in life?

My primary goal is helping others. Giving what I have and listening to people that need it.

Can you help me?

I surely want to!. Helping others is what I truly love. If you're struggling with productivity/schoolwork/motivation, or are working on a project that I could help with, contact me.

I like you, can we connect?


Why do you never show your face online?

With all the deepfakes, manipulations & privacy issues, sharing your face (arguably the most personal thing you own) doesn't sound like a fun idea to me. Although I am a real human being, and we can connect!



Company Of One - Paul Jarvis
Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport
How To Take Smart Notes - Sonke Ahrens

Reading list
Deep Economy - Bill McKibben
Bullet Journal Method - Ryder Carroll
The Art Of Gathering - Priya Parker
The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek
The Righteous Mind - Jonathan Haidt
Stillness is the Key - Ryan Holiday
Metamorphoses - Ovid
The Splendind and The Vile - Erik Larson


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